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16 days ago

Stephanie has always been very spot on about certain people and situations. I have had countless readings and she always amazes me!! Thank you 🙌🏽💕

Michael Lagace
25 days ago

Stephanie I'd great! she is always spot on with current and future. Thank you!

2 months ago

Thank you so much Stephanie for telling me who my spirit guides are and why they’re here with me. Makes it so much easier for me to make a solid connection.

2 months ago

Spiritual advice.

2 months ago

I’m addicted to Stephanie’s readings! She is such a beautiful soul and really has helped me through so much! If you have not had a reading yet, I dare you! You will be glad you did!

2 months ago

I have had the pleasure of having multiple readings from Stephanie. She is amazing and she did a great job giving me the clarity I needed. I will most definitely be coming back for future readings. Thank you so much.

2 months ago

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Amanda Jones
2 months ago

My intuition told me, after watching Stephanie on TikTok, I needed to get a reading and I’m so grateful I did. She has an incredible connection and the reading, for me, was so powerful, so honest, so real, it was exactly what I needed. She gave me clarity and relief. I also received great advice on what I can do in order to build my own spiritual connections. If you are thinking about getting a reading, I would absolutely tell you to ask Stephanie ❤️ I will be coming back

Sharon Wade
2 months ago

This is my 1 st reading with Stephanie and is 100 % accurate,my great nephew came to see my mum before she passed he was only 2 ,this came out in reading,my mum just had a brain scan2 days before she passed ,she was diagnosed with dementia ,this was in the reading ,her head was over to side as she had bad oesteoporosis ,there was so much more and definatley get a reading you won’t regret it and Stephanie is so good contacting with our loved ones and makes me happy to know my mum is in no more pain ,was so nice to know this Thankyou do much.I will be contacting you soon for another reading god bless Sharon

Tasha Obrien
3 months ago

I loved how focused and connected to my mom and me! A lot of what you said I understood! Definitely will get another reading in the future. Thank yo