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7 days ago

Stephanie I have now used twice to connect with my dad , and I am using her currently to find a missing beloved pet. I have come to absolutely love her! She is truly gifted and great at what she does. Her two spirit guides help her as well. I cannot recommend Stephanie enough. If you ever doubt that someone has gifts and can be honest and truthful , you can 100% believe in her.

8 days ago

Wow! Stephanie always blows my mind his spot on she is. She helped me truly dodge a bullet this time with this potential romantic interest that appeared in my life. I’ve had several readings with her and they are always so deeply insightful and helpful. There are things she picks up on there is no way she could have known that. I have been going to her for a while now and will continue to to gain clarity on things when I need. If you’re looking for a clear and accurate guide in life for your life’s most pressing questions, Stephanie is your person 🙏✨❤️

Lauren D'Angelo
20 days ago

Stephanie is, without a doubt, the BEST OF THE BEST! completely accurate and beyond :) we've built such a close relationship that she easily connects to whoever I'm spiritually wanting to. She's, sweet, funny and beyond lifted. I've had probably reaching 100 readings and she does not disappoint and is on top of everything noted!

20 days ago

I have had multiple readings done by Stephanie and am always blown away every single time by her accuracy. It’s truly insane how she knows so much about situations and what you might be going through, because they are things that you cannot Google. She is so empathetic and encouraging as well. I can’t say enough good about her. I will be getting more readings done by her in the future and would recommend her to anyone.

a month ago

I’m absolutely addicted to Stephanie’s readings. The detail that she gives and in the way in which she delivers the messages is so comforting. I’ve had several readings with her and will continue with follow ups. If you’re thinking about it. Just do it!!!

2 months ago

In my reading she described my current situation and my past perfectly, she even guessed the country I live in correctly (Spain). Her predictions for my future make sense, let's see if they come true :) 10/10 reading, I definitely recommend it!

Tasha Obrien
3 months ago

I know he doesn’t want to be with her. I can tell. It’s different and they didn’t talk again. I’m just gonna wait….lol I need to be positive. I’ll take another reading :)

Tasha Obrien
3 months ago

Your right. He messaged her Saturday. He said he wanted her to quit texting me and then Sunday we exchanged words. What am I missing here? I literally am at my wits end. Then Sunday after I call him out on it he loves me again wtf?

3 months ago

Stephanie is amazing. My reading gave me hope. She was right on with the type of person I am and the things I need to change/heal. I always put everyone before me and to know I need to focus on me and my health just reassured me that I’m heading on the right path. Stephanie, I truly appreciate you.💛

3 months ago

Stephanie connects so quickly to her guides. I have never had such a precise reading She’s a blessing