Stephanie uses her psychic mediumship abilities in order to channel deceased loved ones or 

get to the bottom of whatever issue you are currently facing. Are you currently missing your loved one and

want to connect to them? Are you dealing with a spirit in your home that may be affecting your current life? Stephanie is able to answer your questions that you want answers to today. Are you a greiving parent who is seeking information on a missing person/child? 

Stephanie can help you by giving you clear insight by using her natural gifts and provide you with the truth that you are looking for. Stephanie has provided 1000s of readings all around the world. 

In this particular photo Stephanie gives her spiritual opinion using her clairvoyance to see what sort of energies lure in this home. In this home she found an woman energy and male energy who were husband and wife with a daughter and son. Photo/Izzy Walker. New England.