One of the most interesting cases that Stephanie was apart of and was in fact accurate was a missing person's case on a male from Manitoba, Canada. She was immediately drawn to the photograph of the younger male and provided details using her clairvoyance and clairaudience such as:


"I had seen him walk up towards a home it looked like a "white smaller house" and he went up this railing I can see him having a conversation in my head with a male and the male doing a head nod with hands back and forth as if he was "refusing him".


The client provided that Stephanie was right and he did end up going to 2 males houses to ask to sleep there but they "refused him" as Stephanie in fact had implied.


Stephanie had then gave more information saying, once he was refused by the number 2 is standing out to me that's "2 males" he looked clumsy walking down the steps and he was wandering "I seen him then walking down a "narrow road" with yellow lines


Stephanie then said, "I seen a black truck aggressively driving away off their property looked like on gravol road. I can see the rocks lifting up underneath the tires like he was in a hurry".


There were a few photographs attached and sent to Stephanie and what she nailed was she said yes the first photograph yes that is what the road looked like but "the grass beside the road" isn't where he is...


The client said that the search team checked the road but only checked the side of the bush. Stephanie said "No not there" it is a yellow ticketed narrow road and he is in a "deep bush" is what I am seeing and hearing with his "head down".


Stephanie was 100 % percent right on the road where the body was found, Stephanie was also 100 % percent accurate on the fact the body was found in a "deep bush" behind the white house.


What was interesting was Stephanie said yes the road is a yellow ticketed line but it isnt the same grass it was a "deep bush" and that is exactly where the body was recovered.


Look at the sketch of Stephanie's drawing which later ended up being the house where the body was found behind the house....


You can see Stephanie's sketches are identical and on her second note she describes the case and other things she saw with the case such as: "Stretcher" "Forenics" "Search team only looking by side of the road" "Need to look in deep bush"